Will Henderson: Let us eat steak

January 26, 2013 

Let us eat steak

It was with curiosity that I read your Jan 17 article “End N.C. income tax, GOP suggests.” Together, my wife and I make just under $30,000 after taxes; we budget about $400 a month for food, and while we are not eating steaks every weekend we eat pretty well.

At the current 2 percent grocery tax, we pay out $96 a year. If that is raised to the proposed 8 percent, we will be spending $384! Needless to say, I was quite turned off to the idea until I realized I would not have any N.C. income taxes deducted from my paycheck.

I went back to my last 2012 paystub, and my N.C. taxes amounted to $1,085 for the year. If the income tax is nixed, that money stays with my paycheck and more than covers the cost of a higher grocery tax. Even paying the 8 percent I will have $701 left over.

If the grocery and sales taxes are raised to 8 percent, it will be painful, but with more take-home cash I also benefit. Granted, not as much as someone making $75,000-plus, but I will take an extra $701 any day. I might even have steak on the weekend.

Will Henderson


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