Barbara L. Kinnan: Takes the cake

January 26, 2013 

Takes the cake

It was shocking to read that our new legislature is planning to put an 8 percent tax on food and on services previously untaxed. If the legislators had paid attention during high school civics class, they would know that the sales tax is the most regressive of taxes and places an odious burden on the poor.

At a time when unemployment is high, and our food banks are stretched to the maximum, it is not time to make it more difficult to buy food. Perhaps the legislators would have the children of North Carolina “eat cake”?

Further, if the Republican Party would like to shed its reputation as a party of the wealthy, this would be a good time to help the poor rather than increase their difficulties. All of those Cabinet members who cannot “get by” on a six-figure income might spend some time living on minimum wage, or perhaps they would like to volunteer at a local food bank?

Barbara L. Kinnan


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