Lisa Kirby: Rich get richer

January 26, 2013 

Rich get richer

I’m so glad that the our new governor has raised the salaries of his Cabinet members rather than doing something silly like putting the money toward something like unemployment benefits.

The writer of the Jan. 17 letter “Worthwhile pay” says that $135,000 is not very high. Tell that to the minimum-wage worker with a take-home pay of about $10,000 who is about to have to pay higher taxes on groceries when the GOP ends the income tax in our state. I doubt that worker has much sympathy for the poor Cabinet members who will try to make do with a measly $135,000 on which they may not even have to pay income tax.

Of course, given Mitt Romney’s definition of “middle income” as $250,000 I guess these public servants are poor.

Lisa Kirby

New Bern

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