Getting fit at State

January 27, 2013 

Some call it the “freshman 15,” the pounds that go on when high schoolers used to calendars full of activities and sports suddenly are on their own, away at college, in their own dorm rooms with one of those meal cards that will charge up pizza and soft drinks in virtually unlimited quantities.

It’s not an uncommon phenomenon on campuses across the land. So N.C. State University is taking on a project to be much-admired, in that the school is going to try to get students to turn away from bad habits and tantalizing but unhealthy diets.

One Change is a six-week program to begin shortly that will encourage students to take some modest steps that, added together, might rid them of excess pounds and make them more energetic. The program will teach a good diet with more water and more vegetables and will stress more exercise. Students won’t be called out of dorms to do jumping jacks, but they’ll be encouraged to walk instead of taking the Wolfline, record their meals in a food diary (no, not over pizza) and maybe hit the gym with friends instead of just hanging around a dorm room. Hmm, this could lead to sleeker, faster wolves. All the better, might we add, to outrun those with tar on their heels.

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