Barbara Buffing: Passing pork

January 29, 2013 

Passing pork

Regarding the Jan. 25 letter “Storm brewing”: I am from New York, and my family was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. My mother’s husband still doesn’t have a home to live in. So I do want a relief bill to pass, but if I were in Congress, I would have voted no, too.

Are people aware of how much pork was in that bill?

If all the money went to the victims of the storm, I’m sure it would have been signed in a “New York minute.”

What does a fishery in Alaska have to do with the victims of Sandy? A new roof for the Smithsonian? Again, what does that have to do with the victims of Sandy?

About $1 of every $20 in that bill will go to things other than to the victims. I want the victims to get the entire $20 to help them rebuild their lives.

Barbara Buffing


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