Larry D. King: 50/50 = 9/4?

January 29, 2013 

50/50 = 9/4?

I’ll admit I did have trouble with differential equations at Ga. Tech many years ago, but I do know that 50/50 does not equal 9/4 – except in politics, specifically in the art of gerrymandering.

50/50: In the November elections in North Carolina, the total votes for U.S. House of Representatives candidates were divided about equally between the Democrats (2,218,572) and Republicans (2,142,047).

9/4: But the election resulted in nine Republicans and four Democrats being elected. Why? Because the congressional districts established after the 2010 census were purposely gerrymandered by the General Assembly to produce this skewed representation.

In 2011 with bipartisan support, the N.C. House passed HB824, “An Act to Establish a Nonpartisan Redistricting Process.” The Senate chose not to bring it up for a vote. But Common Cause/NC and other good-government groups are continuing our efforts to make nonpartisan redistricting a reality in 2020.

I encourage readers to ask their legislators to work for the same goal.

Larry D. King

Chair, Common Cause/NC


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