Norman Singer: Tailgaters, too

January 30, 2013 

Tailgaters, too

Jim Jenkins’ Jan. 17 column “Yes, people here are speeding” was timely and well-written. The fact is there is no justification for speeding.

But let’s assign blame where it rightfully belongs: It is the responsibility of all drivers not to be cowed into speeding by beeping cars behind them. But by the same token, the person who honks or tailgates is creating a dangerous situation and should be penalized as well. People should not be allowed to tailgate or beep their horns to instigate the forward car to move faster. The tailgaters and horn honkers are the real culprits and should also be punished and given tickets.

If the person who is being victimized does not speed up, there is the chance that he will be rear-ended. It is a dangerous situation, which must be stopped.

And let’s not forget the drivers who pass through red lights and stop signs. Equally as bad as speeding. The “In Your Hands” program could do much to establish public awareness of the dangers of the road and hopefully change dangerous behavior to make the road a comfortable and safer place to drive.

Norman Singer, Cary

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