Christina Stableford: Improper omission

January 31, 2013 

Improper omission

I recently completed a Continuing Education course on marketplace ethics – a state requirement to maintain my professional license. One clear point was that anyone presenting information via seminars or articles is ethically obligated to reveal personal background information that may materially relate to the nature of the information offered.

It appears that Bob Luddy has never taken such a course. In his Jan. 25 Point of View piece, he stated, without any research-based substantiation, that nothing would improve student achievement more than market-based education. Luddy then suggested that taxpayer dollars should be directed toward providing scholarships for market-based education.

Luddy described himself as the founder and president of CaptiveAire Systems, Inc. and a Job Creators Alliance member. Nowhere was it mentioned that he also happens to be the founder and owner of three private K-12 schools.

This omission violates the ethical principles presented in state-mandated course material and makes questionable the motive behind Luddy’s entire opinion piece.

Our nation’s market-based health care system has provided us with the most expensive and least effective (as reported in statistical data) health care system among all advanced countries. Surely, we don’t need to funnel taxpayer dollars into an education system modeled on the same principles.

Christina Stableford


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