Jim Wiegand: Waste of academics

February 1, 2013 

Waste of academics

I have to agree somewhat with Gov. Pat McCrory. Are we spending taxpayer dollars on creating wasteful degrees?

Several educators said all courses in college have value to society. While many courses of study do present the instructor with a job, do they give the student the necessary skills to enjoy a living in “that” profession after graduation? Why not ask the public-supported universities to ask graduates to report back in six months about their progress finding a job in their chosen degreed profession or lack thereof? This would give the colleges a basis to decide whether that degree program has value.

We also should ask businesses what they want in a graduate. We can’t have parents and students trying to pay off massive debt or scholarships wasted on kids who can’t find jobs. This is a waste of taxpayer support. To put this in perspective, we need to understand that the nation graduates 45,000 new students with law degrees each year. Are there that many law firms hiring new lawyers?

The students who graduate high school need advisers who will be honest with them. They need professions that will support them for a lifetime. It’s something to think about.

Jim Wiegand, Fuquay-Varina

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