Tezura Gooding: Nichol’s needed look

February 2, 2013 

Nichol’s needed look

Thank you for publishing “As poverty pervades, we evade” on Jan. 27. I commend Professor Gene Nichol’s commitment to lend his voice to the poorest among us this year.

Reading his commentary reinforced the sad reality that it is much easier to digest a statistic than to absorb a personal account of those faced with the bleak realization of hunger, unemployment and homelessness. It is also unfortunate that many of us need a reminder, or what we consider proof of the existence of poverty, before we will admit its existence, which is why I feel a sense of relief regarding Nichol’s commitment.

His monthly commentary will serve as a much-needed reminder concerning our fellow North Carolinians who experience the agony and stigma of poverty every day. My prayer is that this commentary will be a call to action for those who read it and that each reader becomes compelled to feed a child, clothe a homeless person or contact elected officials, urging them to reject cuts to important anti-poverty programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, Head Start, Early Head Start and Child Care Assistance Programs.

I eagerly await this month’s commentary.

Tezurra Gooding, Morrisville

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