Andrew Frost: McCrory wants robots

February 2, 2013 

McCrory wants robots

As an alum of UNC-Chapel Hill, I’m deeply disturbed at Gov. Pat McCrory’s statements on Bill Bennett’s radio program (“McCrory raises faculty’s ire,” Jan. 30). McCrory’s comments are part of a multi-level assault on public higher education in North Carolina, devaluing humanities and social science programs, shutting faculty out of long-term planning of the UNC system and pushing for standardized testing.

McCrory envisions our state’s public universities as job-training programs, devoid of professors who teach us to think critically about the world. His aim is to produce cookie-cutter students who will fit into the workforce, but who will have no interest in working for change.

The courses I took at UNC in women’s and gender studies and in African and Afro-American studies taught me how to think and to express myself verbally and in writing. I use the lessons and skills I learned there every day as a public health researcher. I will take those skills with me to law school next year as I prepare to become a public health lawyer.

Andrew Frost

Chapel Hill

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