Nathaniel Glynn: Frustrated students

February 2, 2013 

Frustrated students

I read about Gov. Pat McCrory’s comments concerning the UNC public school system and liberal education funding (“McCrory raises faculty’s ire,” Jan. 30). The governor wishes to reduce funding for liberal arts education in the UNC school system, and specifically at UNC-Chapel Hill, and transfer it to sectors of education that he views as being more conducive to job creation.

As a liberal arts major at UNC-CH, I was highly insulted and frustrated by his remarks.

While I understand that it is important for America to keep pace with other foreign powers on an international scale in terms of production, job creation and manufacturing, I find it hard to believe that there is no importance in providing state funding for students to study things such as politics, language or social sciences.

As a liberal arts major himself, I’m sure McCrory can understand the benefits of a liberal arts education.

I would ask that the governor defend the remarks he made and that he come to UNC-CH to discuss these viewpoints with an audience of students.

Nathaniel Glynn

Chapel Hill

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