Annie Peacock: Valuable studies

February 2, 2013 

Valuable studies

In his interview with Bill Bennett, Gov. Pat McCrory singled out gender studies as an example of a subsidized educational program he would like to cut. As a UNC Women and Gender Studies graduate, I cannot emphasize enough how valuable my degree has been in my professional and personal life.

Women’s and gender studies courses taught me how to critically think about inequality in our society, but, more importantly, they gave me the tools to learn to work with others to end discrimination and advocate social change.

My undergraduate women’s studies internship with a local domestic violence prevention agency turned into a job offer after school and paved the way for my entrance to UNC’s School of Social Work where I am a student. I owe a great deal to the department professors at UNC who guided and inspired me to advocate justice and equality.

Removing programs like Women’s and Gender Studies from UNC would do the university and the state of North Carolina a great disservice. I hope that McCrory will take the time to actually look at the amazing impact these programs he deems so meaningless have on both the UNC and greater North Carolina communities.

Annie Peacock


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