Some need relief from winter's chill

February 3, 2013 

So there was that little blast of crazy tropical weather last week. But be not overconfident. There will be plenty of days in the 40s and, yes, in the 30s, before spring brings sweet relief. And what better feeling is there, really, than to come in out of the cold and crawl under a blanket in front of a fireplace, or to crank up the old thermostat?

Too many of our Triangle neighbors have a hard time answering that question. Yes, even in an area as prosperous as this, there are people, including the elderly and little children, who’ll not get relief from winter’s chill. Many will get sick, and some seriously so, because they lack the resources to provide heat in their homes. For them, help can come from various fuel assistance programs run by county social service agencies, or through the generosity of some private charities.

Warmth for Wake, sponsored by the N.C. Bankers Association, has been that resource for many in this county for years. But there are generous neighbors in most communities.

As our fellow citizens and their families struggle in these hard times, it’s important that those more fortunate step up to help. So let’s step up, dig deep, and give ourselves and others warm feelings.

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