Carolyn Jones: Unfocused foolishness

February 4, 2013 

Unfocused foolishness

Our wonderful state of North Carolina is facing many real problems such as jobs, jobs, jobs for our taxpaying citizens.

Our House and Senate are just wasting valuable time on frivolous junk such as House Bill 34, which Rep. Rayne Brown, a Lexington Republican, and Rep. Tim Moffitt, an Asheville Republican, are pushing: “Women cannot bear their nipples in public because that is indecent.” Wow!

Our new governor is concerned about “liberal arts” education. Apparently, he does not understand the value of a broad education and how it affects all aspects of life and the value of decision-making that each of us faces in our daily lives. Senate Bill 39 wants to identify our judges by party affiliation instead of letting them run on their own merits. Voter ID is not necessary!

Lawmakers need to stop wasting valuable time and do what they were elected to do – jobs, jobs, jobs!

Carolyn Davis


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