Luke Steele: Laughable letters

February 6, 2013 

Laughable letters

Your Feb. 4 letters section yielded a bountiful harvest of fail. First, there were all the people mad at the governor about liberal arts. Last semester, one of my daughter’s courses in college was studying the cinematic masterpieces of ... Michael Moore. I’m sure that will be valuable should she ever want to appear extremely stupid in front of anyone who knows what a documentary is actually supposed to be.

Then there was the lady upset that the legislature doesn’t like “bear” nipples. I don’t, either. I actually have zero desire to look at a bear’s nipples, especially on a live bear. It seems rather foolhardy to me, but maybe if I had a liberal arts degree I could recognize the inherent beauty in it before I was killed and eaten.

Luke Steele, Creedmoor

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