Jay Wellons: More to life

February 6, 2013 

More to life

As I read Gov. Pat McCory’s absurd idea that higher education is only useful for getting a job, I began to feel empty, then horrified, then angry. Could our recently elected governor really be that ignorant?

Jobs and work are important. But they are not the only goal that most of us have for our lives. We work in order to live. But many of us don’t live to work.

If work is all there is, then at 65 we should start digging our graves. But even birds are wiser than this. Birds search for and scratch for food. But this is not the joy of their lives. They sing in the morning with the rising sun. They sing as the sun sets. They fly with each other and soar through the sky. At the end of his life, if a bird were asked and he could answer about his life, would he describe scratching for food and nest building? Is that all there is?

Jay Wellons, Raleigh

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