Seinfeld Quiz Answers

The answers for our ‘Seinfeld’ quiz

February 7, 2013 


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

JASON KEMPIN — Getty Images

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    1. Jerry’s term for a person who talks too quietly in conversation.


    2. Jerry’s term for a person who stands too close in conversion


    3. Elaine’s term for a man who talks in a high-pitched, female voice


    4. Kramer’s never-seen friend who sells Russian hats in Battery Park

    Bob Sacamano

    5. The name of the beltless trench coat invented by Morty Seinfeld

    The Executive

    6. The fake charity George created to avoid giving holiday gifts

    The Human Fund

    7. The name of the beach-scented fragrance Kramer pitches to Calvin Klein


    8. Jerry’s name for his favorite yellow t-shirt

    Golden Boy

    9. Kramer’s vanity license plate


    10. The name of Jerry’s parents’ Florida condo community

    Del Boca Vista

The winner of our random drawing is Eric Haase of Durham. Congratulations!


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