Katherine Stein: Boyle a hero

February 7, 2013 

Boyle a hero

I think we the people should elect U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle to oversee the federal black hole called Medicaid and Medicare. He seems to be the only one who cares if the taxpayers and patients are getting the short end of the stick. Of course private insurance companies keep close tabs on inpatient services; it affects their bottom lines.

It’s too bad the federal government doesn’t have the same standard. I have a feeling this is why there is such a resistance in Washington to “Obamacare.” Forcing people to purchase private insurance policies instead of sucking on Medicaid would make a big difference in how much hospitals and other health care “professionals” could overbill patients and insurance companies. There would then be checks and balances in place where there are none right now.

I also think it would be an interesting study to find out how many political figures in Washington were hospital administrators, drug manufacturers or otherwise affiliated with the health care industry. Judge Terrence Boyle is my hero!

Katherine Stein


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