Regan Mensch Brown: Nurses, not guns

February 8, 2013 

Nurses, not guns

I find it amazing that our new legislature and governor have so quickly allocated non-existent money ($7 million to $8.5 million) to put armed guards in our schools. Yet there has never been enough money to fund a school nurse and psychological counselor for each school. A nurse and counselor could have a far greater and more positive impact on children’s lives, identifying physical, mental and emotional problems that, if dealt with early in childhood, could change the future for the better of so many children. These healthier children would become more successful adults, with less chance of mental and emotional illness – the real root of our mass shootings.

One guard with a gun, somewhere in a school, is not likely to stop a crazy shooter, who will have planned it out and would know the site.

Legislators need to put this mythical $8 million to use in a positive way – for the betterment of our children. Not by increasing the number of guns and gun-toting people in public places but by funding positive changes in how we care for our children.

Regan Mensch Brown, Cary

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