David T. Tayloe Jr.: Expand Medicaid

February 8, 2013 

Expand Medicaid

I regret that health care reform could not be a bipartisan effort. However, the rules are written for health care reform, and our leaders should make sure that our citizens benefit from the funds and programs available so that most of our citizens have access to comprehensive health services.

Why would we not expand Medicaid to cover adults who make less than $15,500 a year? Do we really think these adults will pay the cost-share (up to 10 percent of gross annual income or $1,550) to take advantage of the health exchange plans?

These adults are the parents of my child patients, and if my patients’ parents are not healthy, my patients are not likely to have good outcomes. If our children experience bad outcomes, then our state will not have the work force it needs to compete.

We should not turn down federal government funding of Medicaid expansion: 100 percent for the first three years and then 90 percent or more afterward. Currently, the federal government pays about 70 percent of the Medicaid bills in N.C.

I hope our leaders can see beyond bipartisan hostility and do the right thing for the people of North Carolina.

David T. Tayloe Jr., M.D., Goldsboro

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