Nancy Milio: Derelict lawmakers

February 9, 2013 

Derelict lawmakers

The General Assembly and governor are in danger of dereliction of duty to uphold the well-being of North Carolinians if they pass the pending bill that opts out of running the Health Insurance Exchange for affordable insurance and refuses to expand Medicaid for our large poor population, even though the federal government will pay up to 100 percent of added costs.

The added jobs would be a boost for the economy and would assist struggling people, including those whose unemployment insurance is being cut.

How will they explain to their constituents that funds to care for them in rural hospitals may run dry and that aging parents needing long-term care will have to provide it on their own?

The Republican majority and governor have the power to do what they will. But power in a democracy also means listening to the opposition and having concern for all the people, whatever their status. Lawmakers can still strengthen North Carolinians and not demand they trade off food or decent housing or education to pay for needed health care by reversing the thrust of this legislation. The state is always stronger and more inviting when the well-being of its people is protected.

Nancy Milio

Chapel Hill

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