Kenneth M. Ross: Next bus west

February 9, 2013 

Next bus west

Recently proposed state legislation – guns in restaurants (Rep. Justin Burr), armed school marshals (state Sen. Stan Bingham) and the “nipple bill” (Reps. Rayne Brown and Tim Moffit) – causes some of us to ponder the wisdom and sanity of our paid sitting elected officials.

In la la land, where these aforementioned legislators evidently dwell, all three proposals would work splendidly. In restaurants, mass shootouts by armed patrons might occur between courses triggered by any patron’s mistakenly dropping his concealed piece resulting in a noisy misfire.

Picture a bored-to-tears armed marshal (with a giant “M” on his shirt) as the initial prime target of a madman intent on wreaking havoc in a school.

Finally, when does the next bus leave for Asheville?

Kenneth M. Ross


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