David Nyce: Weapon facts

February 9, 2013 

Weapon facts

Gail Neely’s Feb. 3 Point of View piece “Sensible steps to safer gun ownership” stated that Tar Heels support banning military-style assault weapons capable of firing hundreds of bullets per minute.

But military assault weapons are fully automatic, firing as long as the trigger remains pressed. And that is what the user is led to believe is to be banned. But they are already banned, being available only to military and certain limited federal licensees.

The sporting versions (AR-15, etc.) are auto-loading (or semi-automatic), meaning only one round can be fired for each press of the trigger. This is identical to a common deer rifle, except that the most common deer cartridges are much more powerful.

Also promoted by Neely are background checks at gun shows and private party sales. But all dealer sales in the country, plus private party handgun sales in N.C., already require a background check. Firearms sales other than by federally licensed dealers should remain under state authority.

David Nyce, Apex

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