Peter A. DiMeo: Find the money

February 9, 2013 

Find the money

Kudos to U.S. District Court judge Terrence Boyle for holding WakeMed’s feet to the fire in the Medicare fraud case (“No rubber stamp for WakeMed,” Feb. 6). WakeMed, as do all corporations I’m sure, approached this deal with a nonchalant, “What will it take to make this go away?”

The integrity of Boyle threw a speed bump into the path of that plan by asking the tough questions to advocate for the consumer. I clearly think his “tip of the iceberg” instincts are spot-on (think $8 aspirin and $500crutches). Makes you wonder how much of this sort of thing is going on at every hospital, clinic or doctor’s office; not only in N.C. but across the country.

Here’s an idea: Empower a division of the IRS, create an army of thousands of forensic accountants to seek every last dime out of which the Medicare/Medicaid taxpayer and privately insured consumer has been bilked. It will surely pay for itself and consider all the butts the governor could put into the seats preparing for those jobs.

Peter A. DiMeo, Cary

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