Jim Cleary: Valid concern

February 10, 2013 

Valid concern

Congratulations on a much-needed and well-written editorial on the evolving scandal at UNC (“Not adding up,” Feb. 1). You are certain to hear screams, complaints and lots of push back.

I cannot understand how they persuaded Jim Martin to compromise his impeccable reputation with his implausible conclusion. Conclusions by Baker Tilly are no more credible.

Your call for the NCAA to return is likely to be ignored. The NCAA has enough problems of its own, especially the Miami fiasco. The very last thing it wants is further evidence it did not do its job. Forced to return to Chapel Hill, it would have to do a more thorough job, and the wall of silence would eventually break.

UNC is among those high-profile universities that are “too big to fail” and the NCAA knows this. Besides, UNC has too many allies in Indianapolis who can work behind the scenes obstructing any attempt to revisit. Regardless, I commend you for taking a stand that is sure to irritate a large percentage of your readers but embraces a concern that is quite valid.

Jim Cleary


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