Concrete jungle

February 10, 2013 

A traffic circle on Hillsborough Street was the site of many accidents, but the state Department of Transportation was a while in admitting the problems and changing things, after pretty much blaming drivers. A Glenwood Avenue intersection in West Raleigh also had lots of crashes, 16 in 23 days, before DOT changed a red arrow to a green arrow and the crashes stopped.

The N.C. Turnpike Authority oversees Triangle Expressway, a toll road, and there have been reports of travelers getting double billed and penalized because they had, in addition to the transponder (the gizmo on the windshield that is read for tolls) for the Expressway, transponders for other toll roads. But one official said the drivers were to blame because they weren’t supposed to have more than one transponder on board, which they’d have known if they’d read the fine print in their contracts.

That accusatory response was appropriately reversed by DOT Secretary Tony Tata, who apologized, ordered refunds and said drivers with more than one transponder would be given a bag to in effect deactivate it while the other was in use. That’s quick work on his part.

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