Mary Ellen Taft: Recession wrongs

February 11, 2013 

Recession wrongs

In his Jan. 25 Point of View piece, Bob Luddy claims that North Carolina’s sluggish growth since 2008 stems partially from an inadequate educational system. He further maintains that offering vouchers (which he calls “scholarships”) will “dramatically improve educational opportunities” in our K-12 system.

This is nonsense. Let’s look at some facts.

The Great Recession was caused by Wall Street bankers and executives who made terrible marketing decisions based solely on greed and with no concern for their customers. Moreover, the current N.C. high school graduation rate stands at 80 percent – the highest it has ever been! This achievement is worth touting, especially because it motivates all K-12 educators to continue to improve N.C. primary and secondary schools while emphasizing equity and access for all students – and I do mean all students.

It seems easy for some to cast blame on teachers and administrators when times are difficult. But I hope that when the N.C. General Assembly convenes, it will honor K-12 teachers, counselors and administrators, all of whom strive every day to help students become the kind of citizens and entrepreneurs North Carolina needs and deserves.

Mary Ellen Taft


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