Judson Grady: Childish school board

February 12, 2013 

Kids’ stuff

I read the Feb. 8 headline “Sutton denounces ‘power grab’” and found myself laughing out loud! Really? Power grab?

What Sutton sees as a power grab is very simply adults taking away responsibilities from adults that have proven to act more like the children they supposedly serve than responsible elected leaders. The actions and behaviors of the school board, including both Republicans and Democrats, over the past couple of years are things you would most likely see in most nursery schools in the Triangle.

I would suggest Sutton and the board take a field trip to one of these pre-K schools and they will find something that will look very familiar. Kids calling each other names, kids making fun of others, kids telling one kid one thing and another kid something else and lastly you will find kids snatching things out of others hands.

Sutton is simply witnessing what often happens in life. Adults have to take over for children.

Judson Grady


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