Susan Shelton: Allow concealed carry

February 12, 2013 

Allow concealed carry

Your Feb. 2 editorial “Knife, fork, gun” in which you stated your opposition to licensed concealed-carry in restaurants overlooked the fact that it was precisely a mass shooting in a restaurant that began the movement toward legalizing concealed carry nationwide.

In 1991 a man opened fire inside Luby’s restaurant in Killeen, Texas, shooting 50 diners and killing 23. Although one of the patrons, Suzanna Hupp, normally carried a pistol, she had left it in her car to comply with Texas law at the time. Both her parents were among the fatalities. Partly based on her testimony, the Texas legislature voted to enact a shall-issue concealed-carry law that served as the model for many other states.

The majority of states have allowed concealed-carry in restaurants for decades. It is time for North Carolina to allow its 300,000 concealed-carry holders the same rights they have in other states.

Susan Shelton

Chapel Hill

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