Barbara Vandenbergh: Blurring boards

February 13, 2013 

Blurring boards

Some Wake County commissioners want to take over authority for locating and building schools. Moving building authority from the Board of Education blurs the line of authority and accountability. It increases system inefficiency and cost to taxpayers by having two oversight boards. It is a waste to build schools in places chosen by anyone other than the school board, whose members are already responsible for other details of running the schools.

The public maintains control over schools through the Board of Education. The current board is made up of intelligent, focused, hardworking individuals capable of overseeing the schools. The county commissioners need to leave the details of running the school system to the elected Board of Education.

We frequently hear newcomers to Wake County say that they moved here in part because of the good schools. If the county commissioners continue to pick away at the authority of the school board, we will soon have the quality of schools that these newcomers fled.

Barbara Vandenbergh


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