Jack Kemeny: Teens helping out

February 15, 2013 

Teens helping out

In regards to the opinion by Petula Dvorak (“‘If you aren’t important, you aren’t alive’” Feb. 8) that today’s teens are only interested in fame, this may be true in Southern California, but not here in Wake Forest and Raleigh.

Recently, the Wake Forest Lions Club organized a Blind Bowling Night for 18 students of the Governor Morehead School for the Blind at Brooks Street Bowling. Jacob Jacobs, one of the senior class leaders at Wake Forest-Rolesville High School, organized 10 of his classmates to help the Lions ready the bowling alleys for the blind bowlers with railings supplied by James Benton, President of the Raleigh Outlaws, a blind bowling league.

When our bowlers arrived, the high schoolers helped the bowlers to the lanes and got them ready to bowl. With the students’ and Lions’ gentle help, the bowlers spent two exciting hours bowling and interacting with their helpers. Everyone had an evening that was fun, uplifting and educational.

So don’t tell me that our young people only care about fame. They care about helping others and the world they live in.

Jack Kemeny


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