Maggie O’Keeffe: Who’s at fault?

February 15, 2013 

Who’s at fault?

I, too, applauded judge Terrence Boyle’s remarks regarding the WakeMed Medicare fraud charges. Finally, there would be consequences, rather than the usual sweeping under the rug. I held my breath until the follow-up court appearance.

My skepticism about justice being served had been justified. No indictments for felony behavior, “deferred” prosecution, meaning never happening.

Why should innocent employees, patients and the community be punished for the crimes of a few? Nurses changing doctors’ orders? Only if on a suicide mission for their professional career. If indeed some nurses did foolishly follow orders of management and did as is charged, are they now before the Office for Professional Discipline?

If any company doing business with the government had employee engaging in fraudulent behavior, would the entire company be forced to close or just the guilty party held accountable? Someone please enlighten me.

Maggie O’Keeffe


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