Mary McGregor Warren: McCrory’s trajectory

February 15, 2013 

Governor’s trajectory

Bravo to Michele Rivkin-Fish for her spot-on thoughts (“McCrory’s socialist notion,” Feb. 5 Point of View) regarding Gov. Pat McCrory’s belief that “the government should decide what jobs the market should provide and how people should be trained (educated) to do them.”

Interestingly enough, McCrory studied at Catawba College to be a teacher (how liberal is that?) and received an N.C. teaching certificate, abandoning it to enter corporate America, where he certainly eventually made threefold what teachers and professors make. He then abandoned his senior adviser position at Duke Energy (whose mission seems to be “Cash from Chaos”) to give his full time (and wealth) to run for governor.

So the supposed liberal thinker – as those who enter education or teaching most often are – turned into a corporate senior in a culture where greed, not compassion (that awful liberal thing) holds more value.

Mary McGregor Warren


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