Doris L. Whitfield: Attacking commissions

February 15, 2013 

Attacking commissions

Current leadership in the state General Assembly, in what is being called by some public advocates a “power mad power grab,” is working to dismantle, under Senate Bill 10 “Government Reduction and Efficiency Act,” three state commissions that protect North Carolina’s natural resources and environment: The Environment Management Commission, Utilities Commission and Coastal Resources Commission.

The targeting, reducing member numbers, and stripping these commissions of scientific, health experts and conservationists, will result in eliminating those persons best prepared and motivated to protect our state’s fragile land, air and water resources. The GOP-controlled legislature last week invited John Droz – a climate science skeptic, real estate developer, fossil fuel proponent and senior fellow at the American Tradition Institute, whose scientific credentials include a master’s degree in electronics – to speak to the House and Senate and key employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. His speech was “propagandistic,” clearly anti-scientific, and he presented no facts to substantiate why global warming is not a serious potential hazard to our state.

Why would Gov. Pat McCroy and the GOP legislature not want to strengthen these commissions and continue the work of protecting our precious natural resources? Senate Bill 10 sounds like political payback to some North Carolinian’s economic interests!

Doris L. Whitfield, Raleigh

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