Kimberly Calhoun: Charters more efficient

February 21, 2013 

Efficient charters

A Feb. 10 letter, “Charters don’t make grade,” claimed that charter schools would not provide a better program for needy children than the public schools. The letter writer apparently does not have experience as a parent with both systems.

Having experienced 30 years as a parent with public schools and nine years with charter schools, I can say that the charter school provides 100 percent better coverage for children with needs, and it is also a healthier environment for children who don’t need extra assistance. A charter school has fewer students per classroom and can adjust things to fit the needs for the children and their families.

I never found this to be the case in a public school where the kids became a number after elementary, and you had to beat down doors and the system to get a teacher to follow an Individualized Education Program (as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.). If I had my way, all schools would operate more like charters and there would be less need for the county school board that seems to be more interested in their own drama than a child’s personal needs.

Kimberly Calhoun


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