Morton Lurie: We need Coolidge

February 23, 2013 

We need Coolidge

The Feb. 17 column “Rubio’s zombie-eaten brain” by Paul Krugman excoriated Sen. Marco Rubio for his State of the Union response in extreme and ridiculous terms.

For a professor of economics at a leading American university not to be familiar with an interesting set of evidence supporting Rubio’s (and incidentally the prevailing Republican views) is sad.

Recall our situation after World War I: Federal taxes were very high, we were suffering from a sharp recession and our national debt was large. After the death of President Warren G. Harding, President Calvin Coolidge continuously cut federal taxes, practiced frugal government, reaped a continuous set of federal growing budget surpluses (that supported the repeated tax cuts) and set off a period of prosperity.

A new biography of Coolidge has just been published. I recommend it to acquaint readers with the positive aspects of Sen. Rubio’s (and Republican) proposals. President Ronald Reagan made an important statement about his economic views and policies by having Coolidge’s portrait hung in the cabinet room when he assumed the presidency. We need to be reminded of them, considering the poor results of the Obama policies.

Morton Lurie


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