Wylie and Christina Cox: Protect our coast

February 24, 2013 

Protect our coast

We read with dismay of the proposed bill that would change the makeup of the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission (“Bill would shake up coastal panel,” Feb. 18). The change would eliminate representation from commercial and sport fishing, marine ecology, agriculture and local governments yet increase the business interests so they will have a majority (if you don’t believe the five at-large members appointed by the governor, House and Senate will lean toward business interests, then we have a bridge to sell you). Oh, and exactly how does having members who do not reside in North Carolina help protect our interests?

As proud residents of North Carolina, we appreciate our coast and coastal communities. We believe that in order to protect them there needs to be balance within any organization that has oversight responsibilities. North Carolina residents should have a healthy skepticism about this bill. However, as it appears that it will be passed and signed into law, we should demand from the governor and legislature a commission that is balanced in its approach as to how best to conserve and develop our coast. It is a fragile jewel that should be jealously protected.

Wylie and Christine Cox, Chapel Hill

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