William Delamar: Fracking questions

February 26, 2013 

Fracking questions

As fracking continues to be pushed by our legislature, many have to wonder whether some of the most significant questions will be answered.

Will the mining commission decide, in order to determine liability and establish a baseline, that water and radon gas testing be done in areas to be fracked, and will the companies pay for those tests?

Will the mining commission outline and disclose a testing protocol? And if so, will the companies be required to be financially responsible for any resulting issues and ensure that tax dollars are not used?

Will landowner rights be protected so that companies cannot violate mineral and mining rights of a landowner who does not want fracking under his property, and how will they determine if his rights have been violated? How will companies be penalized if they violate these rights?

Will the public and DENR receive full disclosure of all chemicals injected in the earth?

Will the effects of using massive amounts of water be considered, and the companies held responsible for any problems that result?

And, if contamination to our water supplies does occur, will it even be possible to clean it up and at what cost?

William Delamar, Raleigh

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