Ruth Ann Foster: Dietetics must change

February 26, 2013 

Dietetics must change

Suzanne Havala Hobbs wrote as if registered dietitians are the “gold standard” for nutrition (“Oversight essential for dietitians” Feb. 13). How can this be when the American Dietetics Association, newly re-branded as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, admits that it has not updated its nutrition program since 1927 or that it is heavily sponsored by the junk-food industry, which also provides much of ADA/AND’s continuing education?

Judging from the exploding rates of “diabesity,” its advice is failing and citizens are looking elsewhere. The ADA/AND knows this and is scrambling to control any competition using state licensing boards such as the N.C. Board of Dietetics and Nutrition, which has held a 22-year monopoly.

Not satisfied thwarting competition from nutrition professionals with advanced degrees devoid of ADA/AND’s outdated dietetics program, the NCBDN has also been bullying citizens, including bloggers like Steve Cooksey. Apparently, the NCBDN is aware that under the present law, it is illegal for anyone to give nutrition advice even to a family member.

If the legislators care about our health and preserving our freedom of speech, it is time to eliminate the NCBDN and end its dietetic monopoly on nutrition for all North Carolinians.

Ruth Ann Foster, Greensboro

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