John Allen McCorsley: $715 for one pill!

February 27, 2013 

$715 for one pill!

I want to publicly express my gratitude for the good work done by N.C. Sen. Tamara Barringer and her staff, in particular Gloria Whitehead. Their efforts led to the resolution of the following complaint I submitted.

In January, I received a bill of $715 for one pill I received in post-op recovery at a local hospital. On discharge from the hospital, I received a prescription for 60 pills of the same medication. My co-pay was $9.72. I contacted the pharmacy asking what the cost would have been without prescription insurance. Without insurance, that same prescription cost a total of $26.46 for 60 pills. That comes to 44 cents per pill.

Prior to submitting my letter to the senator, I spoke with the hospital’s billing office and was politely informed I was responsible for the $715 amount. In addition, they offered to set up a payment plan for me since I am on disability and a fixed income. I still found that excessive charge unacceptable.

I submitted my complaint to each of my state and federal representatives. Only Sen. Barringer’s office took action that led to a resolution.

John Allen McCorsley


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