Jim Woodall: Alarmist Obama

February 28, 2013 

Alarmist Obama

In the course of 12 presidents during my lifetime, we’ve seen reassurance in difficult times. There was Eisenhower’s firm stance in the early days of the Cold War, Kennedy’s forceful reassurance in the dramatic Cuban Missile Crisis, Ford’s commitment to restoring confidence after the Watergate events, Carter’s fireside chats regarding the early energy crisis, Reagan’s leadership and statesmanship in foreign affairs and Bush II’s determination to prevent further attacks following 9/11. Job One was reassurance.

Yet now we have a president determined to exaggerate into a virtual national crisis the effects of merely reducing the rates of increase in a bloated and overcooked federal budget. It sidesteps that fact that he is the chief executive officer of the federal government and expected to “manage” the business of government.

Instead of cutting questionable training activities, or another layer of bureaucracy with his czars, or programs or agencies whose function is no longer critical or helpful, he threatens to cut the heart of vital agencies with no regard for “we the people,” the citizens and consumers.

By doing so, he shows he is an alarmist who can only campaign for his personal ideology, not an executive leader – and therefore is not worthy of his office.

Jim Woodall


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