Add a new area rug to spruce up the place

Scripps Howard News ServiceMarch 1, 2013 

Ah, those New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure many have failed, but perhaps one that can succeed is upgrading your living quarters. Sprucing up home decor is always in vogue, and this is a good time to do a little uplifting.

An area rug or two could be the answer.

Since there are so many choices, it might be wise to prepare before going shopping. Ask yourself several things to get pointed in the right direction.

Color is important: If you are adding to an already decorated room, stick with the color scheme. Choose one color, your favorite, to play up in the rug. That way, you have not only added some perk to the room, you’ve also spruced up the color scheme with your favorite hue. If you are starting fresh, create a color scheme with at least three colors that best fits your personal palette, then build from there. Take swatches with you so you don’t have to rely on memory.

Quality counts: Area rugs are made from a variety of fibers, but the best and most durable fibers are wool, sisal and bamboo. They are all resilient, easy to maintain and have a long life. To make that long life even longer, consider putting a slip pad under the rug. The pad not only helps keep the rug in place, but also adds some cushion.

Consider size: Do you want a small rug just under the cocktail table in the living room? Do you want the rug to fit up to the sofa and extend just beyond the cocktail table? Do you want the sofa to sit on the rug?

If the rug is going under the dining table, be sure to allow for one big enough so the chairs sit on the rug even when they are pulled out from the table.

If you aren’t positive what size you want, create a template out of newspapers and place it on the floor where the rug will actually go. Visual is always good for making a decision.


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