Judge cuts Apple’s $1 billion judgment against Samsung almost in half

Los Angeles TimesMarch 1, 2013 

— A judge on Friday cut $450.5 million from the $1 billion judgment Apple won in a patent infringement case against Samsung last summer.

U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose said she trimmed the award because of what appears to be a technical error in the jury’s methodology used to calculate the damages Samsung owed relating to 14 products.

Koh ordered a new jury trial to determine the damages related to those products, which theoretically could result in the $450.5 million portion of the verdict being increased or decreased.

Separately, Koh said she would delay ruling on Apple’s request that the original $1 billion judgment be increased by an additional $500 million. Koh said it would be better to wait until both parties finished their appeals of the original verdict before calculating any additional damages due to Apple.

The rulings are the latest twist in the global litigation war between Apple and Samsung. The case at issue covers a series of older Samsung products that Apple says violated its intellectual property rights. A second lawsuit is pending before Koh in which Apple makes similar claims against Samsung’s more recent smartphones and tablets.

While not an outright loss for Apple, the ruling is not the best news for a company that’s been on a bit of a legal losing streak. Last month, Apple lost a ruling in a squabble with a shareholder who wanted to block a vote on a controversial measure at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. Separately, Apple also agreed to pay $100 million to settle a lawsuit over claims that its iPhone and iPad apps allowed children to make purchases from online vendors without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

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