William Everett: A few questions

March 1, 2013 

A few questions

Regarding the Feb. 27 editorial “Pain ‘automatic’ ”:

Why should the Republicans shoulder the blame for sequestration when it was the president who proposed it? Why should the Republicans agree to having more funds taken from the economy to be given to the government as revenue when the president and congressional Democrats have given only lip service to reduced government spending?

Why give a pass to the Democrats when they wildly applauded expensive new government programs proposed by the president while the government drowns in debt? Why aren’t the Democratic congressional leaders criticized for their unwillingness to even discuss reform of the fiscally endangered entitlement programs?

Why isn’t the president called to task for his frequent, expensive aircraft trips about the country to make speeches that could be made from the White House?

Finally, why aren’t the president’s calls for more government intrusion into the lives of the citizenry not met with remembrance of the sorry standard of living of the peoples of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe under their government-controlled economies?

William Everett


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