David Campbell: Stop belittling pope

March 2, 2013 

Stop belittling pope

Celia Rivenbark’s Feb. 24 commentary “So what if I’m a Methodist? I’d look good in the pope’s hat” reeks of typical anti-Catholic rhetoric in an attempt to be humorous or witty. She belittles papal infallibility, transportation, vestments, method selection, potential successors and the fact that the spiritual leader of over 1.2 billion baptized followers decides to resign a position of great power and prestige for unselfish reasons.

This pope assumed the mantle of leadership stepping into the “shoes” of one of the most charismatic and popular popes in Church history. He made strides in dealing with abuse scandals driven by a clergy infiltrated by homosexuals. He also had to deal with a clergy and laity that subscribes to liberal social justice theology versus the authentic teachings of Jesus and the church.

The politically correct crowd, basically any non-Catholic organization, finds that making fun of Catholics is OK and seems to get media blessing. Ecumenicism is dead or a lie from their end.

We need another pope like Benedict to stop and reverse the moral decline of the Catholic Church, this country and the world.

David Campbell, Raleigh

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