Dave Cockman: Run doesn’t ‘rock’

March 3, 2013 

Run doesn’t ‘rock’

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, which is coming to our town in 2014 (“Rocking and running marathon announced” Feb. 27), is an absolute travesty for our local running community.

We already have two wonderful marathons in this area (The Tobacco Road Marathon and The City of Oaks), which the city fathers could have invested in and made world-class events. Instead, they take hundreds of thousands of our taxpayer dollars and give it to a multi-million dollar, for-profit corporation to bring this mess. It will definitely hurt and take away participants from the existing races. Not to mention that they will drive the cost of the races up so high (The Rock ‘n’ Roll races are very expensive) that many families will not be able to afford them.

I will boycott the Raleigh Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, and I hope that others in the community will join me in this boycott and will instead support the existing races and help make them more desirable to the national racing community. I will also do my best to publicize The Tobacco Road Marathon and the City of Oaks to all of my running friends around the country and world and steer them to those races instead.

Dave Cockman


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