Anne Sherron: School snickers

March 4, 2013 

School snickers

I was very disappointed at what I witnessed at the Wake County commissioners’ retreat. Not once, not twice, but three times when school funding was mentioned, laughter from some of the commissioners and staff erupted. I was not amused by this arrogant and rude display.

It is obvious that some of the commissioners are not taking their elected office and duties seriously regarding school funding, and sadly it has infiltrated some of the staff and is a running joke among them.

As a past PTA president and school volunteer, I do not find funding school construction and operating expenses a laughing matter. As a voter and taxpayer, it makes me mad. I expect better and more serious representation from my elected officials and the staff paid with my hard-earned tax dollars.

How can the commissioners expect a productive working relationship with the school board with this toxic, immature culture? Funding schools is not a joke.

Anne Sherron


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