Holmes Graybeal: Power and the poor

March 5, 2013 

Power and the poor

Rick Martinez should be ashamed of his Feb. 27 column “Offshore drilling? Do it for the poor.” He is either truly misinformed about current climate science, global energy markets, renewable energy production and potential in N.C., and the serious risks associated with fracking and offshore drilling or he chose to manipulate these issues in order to promote N.C. fossil fuel extraction under the guise of helping the least of our state’s citizenry.

His circular logic concludes that even though we know fossil fuels contribute to global warming, they are our best hope for jobs and getting the poor to school, so that they too can learn that fossil fuels are contributing to global warming and, maybe, they can discover a solution.

There are policy initiatives that can mitigate the effects of climate change while simultaneously protecting the economy. Putting a steadily rising tax on carbon coupled with a steadily rising dividend to all consumers would send strong signals to the marketplace that would allow us to transition to a clean-energy economy while shielding the public from increased energy costs. How we address the poor and the environment does have moral implications. We don’t have to sacrifice either.

Holmes Graybeal, Pittsboro

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