Barbara Hotelling: Needed midwives

March 6, 2013 

Needed midwives

Regarding the March 5 story “A boon for home births?” I was pleased to see the recognition of North Carolina women’s lack of access to care in nearly a fourth of our counties. Our perinatal outcomes – safety for the mother and the baby – will not improve unless these bills supporting midwifery care pass.

Women need prenatal care by trained, certified and licensed practitioners who have collaboration with medical providers. The primary argument from the Medical Society seems to be that CPMs aren’t nurses. Well, neither are physician assistants and yet North Carolina licenses PAs to practice. Certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified professional midwives all train, take a certifying exam prepared by the most highly accredited credentialing association and yet only three of these practitioners can be licensed in North Carolina.

The health of our women and infants will not improve unless these bills are passed.

Barbara A. Hotelling, MSN, Chapel Hill

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